Swedish Arbitration Portal: Svea Court of Appeal on the principle of jura novit curia

In a decision recently posted on the Swedish Arbitration Portal, the Svea Court of Appeal noted that an arbitrator’s interpretation of an agreement is not limited by the parties’ legal arguments. Rather, pursuant to the principle of jura novit curia, the arbitrator must apply the law even if it has not been referenced by a party.

One of the parties to the arbitration had sought to set aside the award, alleging that the arbitrator had exceeded his mandate by basing the award on circumstances that had not been referenced by the parties in the arbitration, and by interpreting the parties’ agreement without being instructed to do so.

The Court held that interpreting the parties’ agreement fell well within the scope of the arbitrator’s mandate to resolve the dispute between the parties.

Access the full decision (Case No. T 2610-13) here

Three more decisions were recently published on the portal in Swedish and English: 

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