Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, SWAN and Wiminvest launches diversity project

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Women in Arbitration Network (SWAN) and Wiminvest launches the collaboration project “Leveling the playing field” that aims to promote female partners at Swedish law firms.

The first workshop in this joint project was held today at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Over twenty representatives from some of the largest law firms in Sweden attended.

Despite years of discussion, the proportion of female partners at law firms is still significant lower than male partners. Voices has been raised for the need to address the matter, in order to meet and mirror the actual client base, but also to increase profitability.

- There has since long been a great interest within the law business to promote equality. With this project, the law firms are given a unique opportunity to find and develop concrete solutions to improve gender equality, says Sara Ribbeklint, SWAN:

-To develope and attract talent is one of the biggest issues for the members of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and we can see a clear interest from the legal industry to find new ways to work with gender equality issues. The inspiration comes from the project “Battle of the numbers” supported by many of the major global Swedish companies, says Maria Rankka, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

A few years ago, the consulting and communication firm Wiminvest launched an equality initiative with ten of the largest Swedish global companies including Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, SAAB, Sandvik and Volvo, with the ambition to increase the number of women in operational management positions. The project attracted great attention, and within less than two years, the project led to an increased proportion of women in leading operational positions for the participating companies. For many, the project meant improvements for their business, a higher level of satisfaction among the employees as well as a strengthened brand.

This concept will now be launched in the law firm. Find out more:

Video: Why Level The playing field



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