Seminar: Trade sanctions and International arbitration

International commercial disputes are facing new challenges following the steady proliferation of trade controls and economic sanctions – a development that may affect the conduct of institutional arbitration proceedings. SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson will attend a seminar devoted to these issues in Düsseldorf 26 August.

The conference will focus on the indirect influence that trade embargos and export control may have on Arbitral Institutes and arbitrators. For instance, parties involved in arbitration are challenged to implement new administrative processes of case management, and to maintain a close dialogue with authorities involved in order to secure full access to justice.

Another aspect is the increasing importance for businesses to conduct a careful analysis of the embargo regime effects in order to identify risks – both legal and financial – and to adapt their business strategy accordingly. The strict enforcement of economic sanctions and export control regulation also requires a diligent and persistent approach in order to achieve full sanction compliance. 

The conference on Trade sanctions and International Arbitration is organized by Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek and aims to deal with the questions and practical consequences of the current situation that applies to companies, arbitrators, counsel and arbitral institutions.The day will revolve around the following topics:

SCC General Secretary Annette Magnusson will participate in the panel debate on 'Conduct of international commercial arbitration' together with Dr Manfred Heider from the Vienna International Arbitration Center (VIAC), Dr Francesca Mazza from the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) and Dr Berhard Meyer from Meyer Muller Eckert Partners (MME).

Registration is to be submitted preferably by 17 August.

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