SCC in conference: Women in Dispute Resolution – diversity challenges

Why are women employees not advancing to leadership roles in the same way as their male counterparts? This question and others will be addressed at the Women in Dispute Resolution conference which will take place in London 23-24 June.

According to studies, in 2012 only 20 % of partners at UK law firms were women, and only 2 women in the world get appointed for ICSID arbitrations on a regular basis. This and other issues related to the representation of women in arbitration will be discussed by over 25 high-level speakers and participants handling high profile cases together with diversity specialists. The speakers will share their experience and best practises in:

SCC is actively involved in discussions about diversity in arbitration, and will participate in a debate regarding the role of arbitral institutions. SCC Legal Counsel Natalia Petrik will present an overview of some of the studies dealing with women in in the legal profession in general and arbitration in particular, clarifying the current situation and explaining the challenges for women in the arbitration world.

During the conference, special attention will also be given to women who lead the way for the next generation of partners and heads, and women-led landmark cases in energy disputes. Additionally, a roadmap for 2020 will be created for setting the future agenda for diversification of arbitrator’s appointments.

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