SCC in Colorado: A comparative view on International arbitration

On 5-10 July, The IADC Annual Meeting was held in Colorado Springs. SCC Legal Counsel Natalia Petrik was invited to present the SCC approach to international arbitration.

The IADC Annual Meeting was held at the Broadmoore in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 5 - 10 July. SCC Legal Counsel Natalia Petrik was invited to present the SCC approach in a panel with representatives from three international arbitral forums. The focus was on issues related to: 1) arbitrators – selection and qualifications, 2) facts, and discovery and presentation of evidence, and 3) the rights of appeal.

Natalia Petrik’s presentation

The panelist was also asked to comment on the recently-adopted IBA Guidelines On Party Representation In International Arbitration.

In addition to the section on arbitration, the extensive Programme included speeches and panels on a wide range of topics like diversity, silent advocacy, mediation, cyber liability, strategic planning for law firms, and witness preparation. One panel also highlighted the complex challenges that the international community encounter when trying to bring persons to justice for terrorism and crimes against humanity.

The IADC (The International Association of Defense Counsel) serves some 2,500 members, consisting of corporate and insurance defense attorneys and insurance executives. The Association was created in 1920 and is active within fields of legal reform and professional development (among other things).

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