Road trip to discuss the revision of the SCC Rules

As a part of the work related to the revision of the SCC rules, representatives from the Committee for the Revision of the SCC Arbitration Rules will make a road trip to Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. The aim is to present the work in progress and share the suggested changes, but also to listen to the users’ opinions on points in the Rules that require improvements.

In 2014, a Committee was appointed for leading the revision of the SCC Rules, and the new rules are supposed to come into force in connection to the SCC centennial in 2017.

“The revision of the rules will be a boost of the services that the SCC offers to the parties, and can be described as a strengthened regulatory framework for the tribunal’s case management, covering for example existing gaps in multi-party/multi-contracts disputes. The revision also promotes overall efficiency in our proceedings, in consideration of the different types of disputes filed today at the SCC” says Kristin Campbell Wilson, SCC Deputy Secretary General, and member of the Committee for the revision of the SCC Arbitration Rules.

The Committe for the Revision of the rules and is now consisting of 19 specialists from around the world.The meetings in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm will be headed by Chairman of the Committee and Partner at Mannheimer Swartling, Jakob Ragnwaldh, together with SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson and SCC Legal Counsel Celeste Salinas Quero. The dialogue is seen as an essential part of the road trip initiative:

“We strongly believe that the users’ opinions and experience are of highest importance, and we hope that this road trip can serve as a forum where users openly voice their opinion on our existing Rules and on the suggestions that we will present”, concludes Kristin Campbell-Wilson.

The meetings will be held at the Vinge office in Malmö, the Mannheimer Swartling office in Gothenburg and at the SCC in Stockholm.

The SCC Rules

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