Retrospective: Innovative best practises at the VQ Forum

How can we adapt to and benefit from innovations and technological development is our businesses? This was the main issue discussed at the VQ Forum at Grand Hotel, Stockholm. Innovations, digitalization and knowledge management goes hand in hand with business development, and are key factors when preparing for the new legal market.

The VQ Forum included inspirational and interesting insights and discussions on how to adapt to the technical development in order to increase efficiency, set strategies and manage change within the organisation.

Among the highlights during the day was the opening session by Ms. Sara Öhrwall on digitalization and automatization; where it is taking us, and how business can and will benefit from creating an innovative culture and strategy. Ms. Öhrwall shared how the capture and analysis of “Big data” creates a mind-blowing tool for knowledge building, and how the usage of robots, self-driving cars and 3D devices are not futuristic, but realistic and happening now.

After that, Miral Hamani-Samaan, shared her experience from HP and the main features of their new M&A tool that not only systemizes the processes, but also identifies risks and plays an important role in the training of new employees. Archana Makol from BT then told the inspirational story on how the BT in-house company legal team redefined its services and now is offering them to external partners.

After the lunch break, Kristoffer Löf, Partner at Mannheimer Swartling, analyzed law as an export commodity, and was then joined by Electrolux’s Johan Ramberg for a discussion moderated by Patricia Shaughnessy on how to make jurisdiction's lawyers, law and dispute resolution attractive for transactions.

Challenges and opportunities for legal practitioners were in focus in the panel debate including Kate Davies, Archana Makol, Rikard Åkerman and Jim Runsten, moderated by SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson. Here the discussion came back to the earlier sessions on automatization and digitalization and the implications this will have on the legal sector and its practitioners, but also on issues of pricing and organizational changes in law firms.

Rounding off, Jordan Furlong held a webinar where he highlighted globalization, automation and generational and regulatory changes as some of the most significant aspects of the coming marketplace for legal services.

The event was a cooperation between VQ and SCC. Read more here.

Retrospective: Innovative best practises at the VQ Forum

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