New survey to explore investment treaty arbitration

In its work of monitoring the development and trends in investment treaty arbitration, the IBA Subcommittee on Investment Treaty Arbitration has developed a questionnaire, now available on the SCC web.

Investment treaty arbitration has proliferated in recent years. Together with its success it has also faced some criticism from both users and observers. IBA Subcommittee on Investment Treaty Arbitration considers it appropriate to reflect upon and examine this criticism, partly in order to assess potential areas for reform. The Committee is preparing a report on issues in the world of investment arbitration, and the purpose of the survey is to collect information and views about both the practical experiences of the users of the system (eg, States, investors, institutions, and practitioners) as well as the views of observers, as eg, academics and non-governmental organizations.

The questionnaire is developed by the Subcommittee together with an advisory group consisting of members from government, academia, civil society, arbitrators and arbitration counsel. Unless a user chooses to waive anonymity, all information submitted, including the identity of those responding to the survey, will be treated confidentially.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The deadline for submitting contributions is 31 July 2015.

Enter the survey here

The members of IBA Subcommittee on Investment Treaty Arbitration include government officials, representatives of arbitral institutions, corporate counsel, arbitrators and arbitration counsel.

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