New book on Contract law in Sweden

A recently published book opens the door to Swedish contract law to an international audience, providing a practical analysis of the law of contracts in Sweden, and serves as a guide for both business and legal professionals handling transnational and Swedish contracts.

The authors, Senior Professor of Law at the School of Economics and Management at Lund University Boel Flodgren, and Eric M. Runesson, partner with Sandart & Partners in Stockholm, have produced a publication that summarizes Swedish contract law, addressing some fundamental differences in terminology, application and procedure between the Swedish and international legal system. Aimed to serve as a guide for lawyers representing parties with interest in Sweden, it covers topics like:

The book demonstrates that Swedish law can be seen as a link between the common law systems and the civil law systems. Read more about the book here.

About the authors:

Boel Flodgren is a Senior professor of Law at the School of Economics and Management at Lund University. Also the former President at the Lund University, she is a honorary doctorate, researcher, tutor and author of several books and articles.

Eric M. Runesson is a legal practitioner at Sandart & Partners in Stockholm. Researcher and tutor, author of books and articles on contract law and negotiation techniques.

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