ITF: Investment treaty important factor for economic development

Last week, The Investment Treaty Forum was held for the first time in Stockholm. The theme “Europe as an Investment Treaty Actor” was discussed and debated by participants from government, legal practitioners, academia and business in seminars and panel discussions.

The meeting was organized by The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) in cooperation with SCC, Mannheimer Swartling and Uppsala University. Read the full programme here.

The first debate included representatives from both government and business, and demonstrated a clear political interest in investment protection treaties and its design. Other topics discussed during the day were the importance of investment treaties for the economic development in Europe, and why these treaties can contribute to predictability, stability and transparency in investment relations. 

iscussions also revolved around how investment treaties can benefit not only the industry but also governments and consumers. For example, investment treaties can create new business opportunities for European investors abroad as well as raising the attractiveness of Europe as a place for investments. But there were also critical voices raised, questioning the need for investment protection.

The closing panel included a discussion about the roles of the European Commission in investment law regime. The Commission has, in addition to its role as negotiator of future investment treaty, also emerged as litigator and enforcer in the regime.

The evening before the seminar, SCC hosted a welcome reception for the participants. See pictures from the seminar and the welcome reception in the slideshow below.

Presentation material:

Freya Baetens, Universiteit Leiden

Martins Paparinskis, University College London

Stormy-Annika Mildner,Federation of German Industries

Joerg Weber, UNCTAD


Photo: Björn Leijon

ITF: Investment treaties important factor for economic development

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