ITF Forum: The importance of ISDS for economic growth and development

On 12 June Hans Stråberg (Investor AB), Christofer Fjellner (Member of the European Parliament) and Håkan Svenneling (Member of the Swedish Parliament) will meet for a panel debate on ISDS and its significance from an economic perspective.

The debate will be the opening act of the Investment Treaty Forum (ITF) on the theme ”Europe as an Investment Treaty Actor”. The debate will focus on the importance of investment protection and what impact ISDS can have on economic growth and development in Europe. Questions to be discussed: Why do we need investment protection? How will it promote economic growth and business? Why is investment protection especially important in the current economic climate?

The panel:

Hans Stråberg – Board Member at Investor AB and Stora Enso, and Chairperson at Atlas Copco and CTEK AB (among others). From 2002 to 2010 he was the Managing Director and President of Electrolux AB, which made him one of the youngest CEO’s of a global Fortune 500 Company.

Christofer Fjellner – Member of the European Parliament since 2004 and also the youngest re-elected member. He is a Member of INTA (Committee on International Trade) and also a Deputy Member of the Environmental Committee in the European Parliament.

Håkan Svenneling – Member of the Swedish Parliament since 2014. He is a Deputy Member of the Committee on Industry and Trade and the Committee on Finance.

Moderator in the debate will be Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, Chief Economist at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

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The evening before the conference on the 11 June the SCC will host a welcome reception at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. This will be an opportunity to meet and mingle with the speakers and participants of the conference.

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