Great interest in “Arbitrating for Peace”

The SCC recently launched a competition where law students and young practitioners are welcome to submit contributions to the upcoming publication “Arbitrating for Peace”, devoted to international arbitration as a peaceful form of dispute resolution.

Arbitrating for Peace will describe how arbitration has been used for decades to peacefully resolve international conflicts. Each of the chapters will discuss a landmark case illustrating how arbitration has played and continues to play an important role in complicated or sensitive geopolitical contexts.

Halfway through the competition, the SCC has noticed a great interest in the project with over a 100 potential contributors contacting the organizers. A handful contributions have also already been submitted to the editors.

The students, young scholars and junior associates currently drafting their submissions come from all over the world with an emphasis on North America, Asia and Europe. The intended contributions cover both interstate, commercial and investor-state arbitration.

”I have been overwhelmed by the response. Almost every day I find at least one email in my inbox about the competition and the broad range of contestants’ background is impressive. Furthermore, the young lawyers who have contacted me have shown an inspiring creativity in picking cases. It is clear that many have spent some time digging through the history of international arbitration, which to my mind demonstrates the need for, and interest in, this kind of publication. I’m sure we will have an interesting challenge in deciding the winning contribution”, says one of the editors Joel Dahlquist in a comment.

Contributions to “Arbitrating for Peace” can be submitted until 30 June 2015.
The winner will be announced shortly after 31 August 2015.

Find out more: Arbitrating for Peace and the Call for Submissions

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