Five years of emergency proceedings under the SCC Rules

Former SCC Legal Counsel Lotta Knapp recently gave a presentation about SCC Emergency Arbitrator proceedings at the 2015 Berlin Pre Moot.

In her presentation, Ms. Knapp gave an insight into a typical SCC Emergency Arbitrator proceeding and talked about some essential features of the SCC Rules for Emergency Arbitrator. She also discussed the timeline in an SCC EA-proceeding and the reasoning of the Emergency Arbitrators.

"I’m pleased to say that parties and arbitrators are loyal to the institution of emergency proceedings, which has been apparent in the emergency proceedings conducted during 2014. Arbitrators make themselves available on holidays and put great effort into providing their services to the SCC and the parties on a very short notice. The parties have also, in the majority of cases, put great efforts on being available for the proceedings", that's how Lotta Knapp described her experience of the SCC Emergency Arbitrator services.

Access Lotta Knapp’s presentation here

Lotta Knapp is an associate at Vinge who specialises in the field of dispute resolution. Lotta Knapp has recently served as Legal Counsel at the Secretariat of the SCC. She is the author of the updated report SCC Practice, regarding Emergency Arbitrator Proceedings at the SCC during 2014. At Vinge, Lotta Knapp acts as counsel in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Emergency Arbitrator at the SCC

The Emergency Arbitrator is a useful tool for parties seeking an urgent relief before the case has been referred to the Arbitral Tribunal, and even up until 30 days before the request for arbitration has been filed. 

The SCC has by 31 December 2014 seen a total of 13 EA-cases since the Rules for Emergency Arbitrator came into force in January 2010.

More information about Emergency Arbitrator at the SCC

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