Challenge of arbitral awards before Courts of Appeal

The Committee on the Review of Swedish Arbitration has carried out a review to chart the scope and nature of challenges to arbitral awards before Swedish Courts of Appeal.

The review, carried out by former Justice Johan Munck and Judge Helga Hullmann, has covered all challenges opened during the period 1 January 2004 – 31 May 2014 at any and all of the Courts of Appeal.

Of the 191 challenge proceedings opened, 165, or approximately 86 percent, were opened before the Svea Court of Appeal.

Amendment/invalidity/annulment of an arbitral award, whether whole or partial, following a review of the merits has been carried out in ten cases, corresponding to almost six percent of all challenges.

The review also shows that the lead times in challenge proceedings before the Courts of Appeal are becoming shorter and shorter.

The review is now available in Swedish and English on the SCC website:

Read the unofficial English translation here

Read the review in Swedish here 

In February 2014, the Government resolved to appoint a committee to review the Swedish Arbitration Act (1999:116). Former Justice Johan Munck was appointed as special reporter and Judge Helga Hullman was appointed as secretary. The committee adopted the name “The Committee on the Review of Swedish Arbitration” and will submit its report during 2015. This article corresponds in all material respects to one section of the report.

Read more about the committee here 

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