CEDR Mediation Course: Focus on efficient conflict management

”The CEDR Mediation skills training course gives you profound knowledge about mediation, negotiation and social interaction”, that’s how one of the participants described the CEDR Mediation Training Program that was recently organized in Stockholm.

Under the guidance of leading mediator trainers the participants got to enhance their negotiation and conflict management skills in order to manage and settle disputes efficiently.

The course focused specifically on equipping participants with a broad perspective on conflict management and placed emphasis on the participants practicing their skills through role play and exercises.

The five day training program was organized by the SCC in cooperation with the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

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Comments from the participants:

”Immensely educational and surprisingly hard! The CEDR Mediation skills training course gives you profound knowledge about mediation, negotiations and social interaction.”

"The course was challenging, inspiring and a lot of fun!"

”Best way to learn. Learning by doing!”

"I think that my toolkit has expanded essentially both when it comes to mediation and negotiation" 

“An amazing course that combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercise on all five days. The course gave me valuable insight into how different mediation situations can be like and also what is required from a mediator.”

”A very good course! Great teachers and useful content”

“The course has given me valuable insights and additional tools to hang in my tool belt”.

“An interactive course which lead the participants to learn mediation from experience not only theory”.


Mediation is an informal, confidential, and flexible dispute resolution method where a neutral third person helps the parties resolve their disputes amicably.

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CEDR Mediation Training Program

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