CDR Interview: A Commercial Peacemaker

In a recent interview in CDR Magazine, SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson shares her view on the role of the SCC, the current debate on ISDS and on arbitration as a mechanism for peaceful resolution of disputes.

In the interview, SCC’s Annette Magnusson talks about Sweden’s long history of arbitration and how the SCC and other arbitral institutions can act as forums for discussion on developments in arbitration:

“The SCC is well-placed as a forum for discussions relating to reform; being a neutral venue for individual disputes, Magnusson points out that the SCC “can also be a neutral venue to have forward-facing/visionary discussions”.

Magnusson also comments on the intensifying debate surrounding the proposed dispute resolution mechanism for the TTIP; Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS):

“ some extent ISDS has become a target for voices against free trade and globalisation in general, and little effort has been put into properly understanding the function and benefits of international arbitration in an international context”. 

“Here we have an audience that [is] not necessarily an arbitration audience but is made up of civil society and politicians, decision-makers at large. It is very important that we take it upon ourselves as an institution to be part of the discussion and to be a neutral sounding board”

Ms. Magnusson also comments upon the upcoming publication “Arbitrating for Peace”; a book set to be released during the SCC centenary devoted to international arbitration as a peaceful form of dispute resolution.

Read the full interview with Annette Magnusson here

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