Can ISDS support climate change mitigation?

The challenges and future of ISDS was discussed in depth recently in Warsaw at an international event organized by Lewiatan Court of Arbitration. One of the speakers was SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson.

Dispute resolution in M&A/JV transactions, and the challenges and future of commercial and investment arbitration were at the heart of the conference. One of the topics addressed was how the investment protection regime can contribute to a better environment. SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson, who have spoken and written on this topic on several occasions before, highlighted the need for visionary treaty terms in future treaties.

-  If we can combine treaty terms that truly reflect the role played by private investments for a better environment, and the existing enforcement mechanisms of international arbitration, I believe true progress for the environment could be achieved on a global level, Annette Magnusson said.

Read the full speech here.

Other subjects discussed during the round table session included the future of European investment arbitration, ways to promote growth or stability in state-to-state arbitration, and strategies for addressing issues following by states withdrawing from mechanisms related to investment-protection.

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