Beijing Summit: SCC on Emergency Arbitrator

SCC Chairperson Ulf Franke will speak about the appointment of Emergency Arbitrator at the China Arbitration Summit 2015 in Beijing.

The subject of Emergency arbitrator will be discussed in the panel “Emerging hotspots in international arbitration: Inspirations and lessons”. The Emergency Arbitrator is a useful tool for parties seeking an urgent relief before the case has been referred to the Arbitral Tribunal, and even up until 30 days before the request for arbitration has been filed.

-         SCC was among the first to establish the possibility to appoint an Emergency arbitrator, and is one of the institutions that have had the most cases. Also notable is that a court decision from an Emergency Arbitrator, appointed by the SCC, recently has been enforced by a court in Ukraine, says Ulf Franke.

As of 31 December 2014, The SCC had received 14 applications for emergency arbitrator, application of which two was related to investor-state arbitration.

The China Arbitration Summit 2015 is organized by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), and is held in Beijing on 25 September. Topics to be discussed are:

  1. 20 years since the Enforcement of Chinese Arbitration Law: Development & prospect
  2. Emerging hotspots in international arbitration: Inspiration & lessons
  3. Judicial Review of Arbitration: New cases & measures
  4. Arbitration under the One belt & One road Initiative: Opportunities & Challenges

Program: China Arbitration Summit 2015 

More information on the SCC Rules for Emergency Arbitrator

Five years of emergency proceedings under the SCC rules


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