Another strong year for the SCC

2014 proved to be another strong year for the SCC with 183 administered cases, which is the fifth highest result since the SCC was founded in 1917.

The 2014 caseload statistics is now available on the SCC website. On the statistics page you can for example find information on the subject matter of the SCC disputes, the nationality of the parties and the time for rendering awards.

Out of the 183 cases administered in 2014, 49 % were Swedish and 51 % international which clearly evidence the strong position of the SCC as a preferred venue for dispute resolution among both the Swedish and the international business community.

Parties from 36 different countries chose to resolve their disputes with the SCC in 2014. Swedish parties continued to appear most frequently in SCC cases. Of the international parties, Russia, England, China, Germany and France were the most common nationalities to appear before the SCC.

During 2014, the SCC administered disputes stemming from a range of different sectors. Most frequently parties brought disputes arising out of share purchase agreements, service agreements, delivery agreements and construction agreements.

Read more about the SCC caseload on our new statistics page

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