Annual review of investor-state disputes at the SCC

In 2014, the SCC administered 11 investment treaty disputes. This is the highest number of treaty cases in one year, to date, at the SCC.

In 1993, the SCC registered its first investment dispute. Since then, the SCC has administered a total of 73 investment disputes, primarily based on bilateral investment treaties (BITs). In addition, the SCC is one of three options for investors-state disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), together with ICSID and UNCITRAL arbitration.

Today, the SCC has become the second largest arbitral institution in the world for the administration of disputes between investors and states under its own rules.

The role of the SCC may vary in different investment disputes. In previous years, the SCC has administered investment disputes under the SCC Rules as well as acted as appointing authority under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

In 2014 all investment treaty disputes were decided under the SCC Rules. In 2014, the SCC also received applications for the appointment of an Emergency Arbitrator in two treaty disputes under the SCC Rules for the first time.

Investment Treaty Disputes at the SCC in 2014




The SCC has administered a total of 73 investment disputes since 1993. Out of the 73 cases, 70% (51) of the investment disputes registered have been administered under the SCC Rules. The majority of SCC investment disputes are BIT-based disputes (32), or ECT-based disputes (13), but also disputes based on investment agreements (6) have been filed at the SCC under the SCC Rules.

Since 1993, investors of 22 different nationalities have appeared in investment disputes before the SCC.

More information about investment treaty disputes at the SCC

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