10 of Sweden’s biggest law firms take action for diversity and equality

“Level the playing field” is a joint initiative by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Women in Arbitration Network (SWAN) and We Are The Storydoers for promoting diversity and equality within the Swedish legal business. The first phase of the projects was launched last week with some 65 participants from 10 of the biggest law firms in Sweden.

The project “Level the playing field” will help the participating firms to create and maintain an organisational structure for ensuring the same opportunities for everyone to stay and have a career within the firm. Research shows, although six out of ten law graduates are women, only one out of ten partners at law firms are women.

“This is not only a question about equality. Today, legal firm does not match their client base, which ultimately makes this an issue about profitability and business development. We are extremely satisfied with the massive interest from the Swedish firms, and look forward to the continuation of the project”, says Sara Ribbeklint, Boardmember SWAN.

One of the initiators of the project, Sofia Falk from We Are The Storydoers (former Wiminvest) was also the originator of the successful equality project “Battle of the Numbers”, with international companies like IKEA, H&M, Volvo and Ericsson among others.

The participating law firms in “Level the playing field” are: Baker & McKenzie, Cederquist, Delphi, DLA Nordic, Hamilton, Hammarskiöld & Co, Hannes Snellman, MAQS, Roschier and Setterwalls.

Website “Level the playing field"


About SWAN

SWAN was founded in 2009 by and for women interested in arbitration. The network now consists of some 210 members and serves as a meeting point for professional development and exchange of ideas. SCC Legal counsel Celeste Salinas Quero is a Member of the board of SWAN.


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