REPORT: SCC Emergency Arbitrator cases

This new report describes Emergency Arbitrator proceedings before the SCC since its introduction in 2010. Since 2010, the SCC has seen a total of nine applications for the appointment of an Emergency Arbitrator.

The report, authored by Johan Lundstedt, includes measures requested, subject matters of disputes and excerpts from the reasoning of the Emergency Arbitrators. 

The Emergency Arbitrator is a useful tool for parties seeking an urgent relief before the case has been referred to the Arbitral Tribunal, and even up until 30 days before the request for arbitration has been filed. 

SCC Emergency Arbitrations 2010- 2013 in short 

• 9 cases since 2010. 
• All Emergency Arbitrators appointed within 24 hours. 
• 6 cases concluded within 5 days. 
• 3 cases concluded in less than 12 days. 
• 2 requests for interim measures granted, 7 requests denied 

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