“Arbitration in Sweden” released in Russian

The SCC and SAA has finished a year- long project and released a Russian translated version of the book Arbitration in Sweden.

It’s the first reference book on international commercial arbitration in Sweden available to a Russian speaking audience.

 “The book has proved to be a useful tool for foreign professionals acting in Swedish international arbitral proceedings; this, combined with the importance of Sweden as preferred venue for dispute resolution involving parties from CIS countries, led the SAA and SCC to work on a Russian translation of the book”, said SCC Legal Counsel Natalia Petrik.

Natalia Petrik has worked on the Russian version of the book together with law firms Gernandt & Danielsson, Lindahl, Mannheimer Swartling and White & Case that have collaborated with the translations.

The book was reviewed and got excellent response of the leading Russian arbitration professionals, prof. A. S. Komarov, prof. I. S. Zykin and A.I.Muranov.

The book was written by four skilled lawyers from four different law firms, Fredrik Andersson of Mannheimer Swartling, Therese Isaksson of Advokatfirman Lindahl, Marcus Johansson of Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå and Ola Nilsson of White & Case to co-author the book under the editorship of Supreme Court Justice Johnny Herre. Each of the authors are experienced counsel and arbitrators.

Those interested in acquiring the book should send a request by e-mail to Natalia Petrik.

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