SCC and The Stockholm Treaty Lab at the Paris Peace Forum

SCC and The Stockholm Treaty Lab at the Paris Peace Forum

On November 11-13, SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson and SCC Legal Counsels Anja Havedal Ipp and Sukma Andrina presented the SCC project Stockholm Treaty Lab at the Paris Peace Forum. The Stockholm Treaty Lab is an innovation contest challenging teams to draft a model treaty that would increase green investments. It was one of 120 projects selected from among 850 applications to participate in the Paris Peace Forum.

An initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, the Paris Peace Forum is an annual event that brings together actors of global governance to strengthen multilateralism and international cooperation. The inaugural 2018 Forum was organized around five themes—peace and security, environment, development, inclusive economy, new technologies—and convened more than 60 heads of state and multilateral institutions, hundreds of civil society actors, and several thousand guests. The Stockholm Treaty Lab project was included as a potential solution in the environment category.

Through an innovation prize, the Treaty Lab challenged participants to draft a new model treaty that states could adopt to encourage green investments. The project builds on the idea that meeting the global climate goals will require enormous investments in green and sustainable technologies and services, and that international treaties can mobilize such investments by providing incentives and protecting investors from excessive risks. The Treaty Lab challenge was accepted, through the crowdsourcing platform HeroX, by more than 40 multidisciplinary teams from across the globe. The submissions were assessed by a jury of relevant experts, and two joint winners were announced in July 2018.

One of the winners, the team “Creative Disrupters”, proposed a model bilateral treaty that encourages green investments, disincentivizes unsustainable investments, and addresses a just transition to a low-carbon economy. The other winner, “Team Innovate”, proposed a multilateral protocol that could be superimposed on the existing framework of investment law, adding a layer of additional protection and incentives for green investments. Representatives of both teams participated alongside the SCC delegation in the Paris Peace Forum.

To read more about the Stockholm Treaty Lab, and to read the model treaties submitted, see

SCC article about International Arbitration in Stockholm

SCC article about International Arbitration in Stockholm

Read SCC Legal Counsel Anja Havedal Ipp article “International Arbitration in Stockholm: Modern, Efficient ADR with Century-Old Roots”, written on request and included in NYSBA New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer, fall 2018 issue.

The article is focused on SCC´s revised arbitration rules from 2017. The aim with the revised rules was to streamline certain arbitral procedures, respond to user demands for more time- and cost-efficient proceedings, and accommodate global trends and developments in arbitral practice. The article includes a summary of the most significant features and innovations of the revised SCC Rules, and some reflections based on a year and a half of their implementation.

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Just published: SCC chapter in The 2019 ICLG guide to Investor-State Arbitration

Just published: SCC chapter in The 2019 ICLG guide to Investor-State Arbitration

James Hope, a member of the SCC Board, has contributed one of the opening chapters to this publication. His chapter, which is entitled “Investor-State Arbitration Before The SCC Institute”, provides a general overview of SCC practice and procedure in investor-state cases.

As James Hope explains “The SCC plays a leading role in investor-state arbitration, and the SCC is active in promoting the advantages of this form of dispute resolution, at a time when there is a considerable amount of debate and discussion about its future. It is important to continue that discussion.”

Read the chapter here

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