The SCC in Tehran

The SCC in Tehran

On 26 September SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson and SCC Chairperson Kaj Hobér will travel to Tehran to participate in two events, organized by Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre (TRAC) and Modern International Studies (MIS), respectively.

The first event, ”International Arbitration and Developing Countries”, is a half-day long conference hosted by TRAC and will take place in the morning of 26 September. The conference will cover topical questions concerning western arbitration institutes’ practice in and outside ofIran, updates in TRAC’s arbitration rules as well as give guidance on how to best choose an institute.

Later that day, the Modern International Studies (MIS) will host a seminar on ”The Role of Arbitration in Inter-State Disputes” where the SCC will talk about the SCC’s role in investment disputes.

More information about the two events will follow.

About the organizers:

Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre (TRAC) was founded 1997 and works with international commercial dispute resolution. TRAC published their arbitration rules in 2005.

Modern International Studies (MIS) is a private organization founded in Dubai in 2011. Since 2016 it is also active in Tehran. The organization spreads knowledge concerning different aspects of International Law, primarily in the Middle East and North Africa.


Now available: SCC Arbitration Rules in Italian

Now available: SCC Arbitration Rules in Italian

The SCC Arbitration Rules are available in Swedish, English, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and Arabic. The SCC is proud to announce that an Italian translation of the rules has just been published.

The majority of the cases administered under the SCC Rules are international, and the SCC Rules are therefore available in more languages. In addition to the just completed Italian translation of the rules, the SCC is currently working on a translation in Persian.

The SCC would like to thank Andrea Carlevaris, partner at BonelliErede in Milan, and Teodora Marconi, trainee at BonelliErede, also in Milan, for preparing and reviewing the Italian translation of the Rules.

See the Italian translation of the rules here.


The SCC at Energy Charter Treaty Forum

The SCC at Energy Charter Treaty Forum

On 11 September leading arbitration practitioners, legal experts, academics and arbitral institutions will gather to examine key issues in international arbitration through the lens of energy-sector dispute settlement. Topics will be:

  • Advocacy in international arbitration involving energy disputes
  • Settling investment disputes without tribunal rulings
  • Damage calculations in international arbitration
  • Cybersecurity in international arbitration and mediation

The conference will be hosted by ICSID with the SCC, ECS and PCA as co-organizers. ICSID and SCC are the world’s two largest institutes for investment disputes. SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson will participate.

The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) was established to address the legal challenges that arise in cross-border investment in the energy sector. It provides a multilateral framework for energy cooperation that is unique under international law.

See more information here.

See the full programmer here.

Register here.


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