Young Arbitrators Sweden

YAS aims to increase knowledge and interest amongst young practitioners in the field of international arbitration.

Today there are approximately 350 members from a wide range of countries.

YAS frequently organises seminars and other activities. 

Membership of Young Arbitrators Sweden (YAS) is open for Swedish and foreign lawyers (attorneys, judges and others) predominantly active in the field of arbitration and commercial litigation and with a great interest of arbitration. There is an upper age limit of 45.

YAS West

YAS’s local activities in Gothenburg and its surrounding areas is referred to as YAS West and is run by a local committee that is represented on the YAS board of directors.

YAS West was started in 2015 when the Gothenburg’s Junior Commercial Litigation Association (Sw: Göteborgs Yngreförening för Kommersiell Tvistlösning, GYKT)  assimilated into YAS. GYKT was founded in 2011. The Association’s purpose was to promote and support interest for and knowledge of commercial litigation.

Sister organisations in Sweden

SYF (Forum for young lawyers in south of Sweden engaged in dispute resolution) with the aim to promote the interest for and the knowledge of dispute resolution in general and arbitration in particular among young lawyers in south of Sweden.

International co-operation

YAS is one of 18 young forums which are part of the umbrella organ CCC. CCC (Co-Chairs' Circle) is an informal platform for the co-chairs of the sister organizations to meet and exchange ideas about the topics they consider relevant, to reflect on the current trends and to team up to gain greater weight as the young voice of the international community.