Madrid: Arbitration Open

SCC's General Secretary Annette Magnusson will participate in the fifth edition of Arbitration Open organized by the European Association of Arbitration.

Date:    9 May 2019

Time:    9:00 - 20.00

Venue: Rafael del Pino Hall, Calle Rafael Calvo 39, Madrid

SCC's Annette Magnusson will participate in the Round Table talk: Breakfast at Tiffany’s  - “National and international Arbitration Institutions. Trends. It’s time to appoint an Arbitration Court”.

It will be moderated by José Mª Alonso (Current Dean of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM)) and include Dámaso Riaño (General Secretary of the Arbitration Court of Madrid), Paul Di Pietro (International Chamber of Commerce (CCI)), Jorge Abel Ruíz Bautista (Arbitrator and President of CAE Perú) and Luisa Fernandes (International Director of CAESP - Conselho Arbitral do Estado de São Paulo).

The event will be held in Spanish and English with simultaneous interpretation.

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