Board Meetings fall 2019 and 2020

Board meetings are held digitally once per month. The function of the SCC Board is to make decisions as required under the SCC Rules. This includes decisions regarding prima facie jurisdiction, appointment of arbitrators, challenge to arbitrators and the costs of the arbitration..

Due to the international character of the Board, some will attend the meetings in person and others via phone. The agenda, the Secretariat's memo and the underlying documents to each case is made available to the Board members via a secure website one week before the meeting. 

Once a year, the entire Board meets in Stockholm to discuss current issues of international arbitration in general and SCC Arbitration in particular.

Two members of the Board form a quorum. The Chairperson or a Vice Chairperson may take decisions on behalf of the Board in urgent matters.


11 September - Annual Board meeting in Stockholm
16 October
13 November
11 December


15 January
12 February
11 March
15 April
14 May 
10 June
15 July
12 August
10- 11 September - Annual Board meeting in Stockholm
14 October
11 November
16 December