In line with SCC:s values with regards to sustainability, the event management will be influenced be the concept of event greening. The key factors in event greening, are to promote socially and environmentally responsible decisions in the planning, organisation and implementation of, and participation in, an event.


What we do

Among other things, the SCC will

- Hold the gala dinner at a green certificated congress centre and hotel, the Stockholm Waterfront.

- Choose caterers that offer organic or locally produced products.

- Choose eco-friendly providers for transport between venues.

- Choose sustainable gifts for the Centennial guests.

- Avoid disposable items, when possible.

- Provide information to participants to facilitate their sustainable choices.

undefined Rådhuset Metro station, Stockholm

What you can do

Compensate for the carbon emissions from your trip.

- Take the Arlanda Express train instead of a taxi from the airport (train is also faster than taxi).

Early bookings offers:

45 % discount with 90-day advance purchase

30 % discount with 30-day advance purchase

10 % discount with 14-day advance purchase

Book here: 


- Choose public transportation in Stockholm. Use the metro or walk between the Centennial venues (map).

- Try the locally-sourced – perhaps even vegetarian – cuisine.

- Avoid disposable items, when possible.

- Use electronic confirmations for event participation or hotel reservations, rather than printing them.

Calculate the emissions of the travel and compensate for it 

Public transport in Stockholm