Arbitration summit in the Bahamas

Arbitration summit in the Bahamas

International arbitration experts will gather in Nassau, the Bahamas for the 6th Annual Arbitration and Investment Summit of the Caribbean, Latin America and Emerging Market.

The whole-day conference will take place at the University of the Bahamas in Nassau on 29 January 2018. Experts will bring perspectives from the Bahamas, United States and the United Kingdom on the following topics:

  • Investment treaties, expedited procedures and investment arbitration, yes or no?
  • Cooperation and competition in arbitration: building the market
  • Court-connected mediation and arbitration, helpful or harmful?

The opening remarks will be delivered by among others the Hon. Theodore Brent Symonette, Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry and Immigration of the Bahamas and Santhaan Krishnan, advocate Supreme Court of India.

SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson will contribute on a panel discussion on cooperation and competition in international arbitration, together with Edison Suner, CEO of Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Barry Leon, judge at Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

A workshop on arbitration clause will follow the conference, organized by Young Arbitrators of the CIArb Bahamas Chapter.

See the conference program here.

SCC joined celebration of International Court of Arbitration of Kyrgyzstan

SCC joined celebration of International Court of Arbitration of Kyrgyzstan

SCC Vice Chairperson Patricia Shaughnessy was in Bishkek last week to take part in the 15th anniversary celebration of the International Court of Arbitration in affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic (ICA CCI).

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, ICA CCI held a conference in Bishkek on the theme of prospects of development of arbitral institutions in Central Asia. The official addresses were delivered by high-level officials in the Kyrgyz Republic, among others Mr. Abdygulov Tolkunbek Sagynbekovich, First Deputy Prime Minister and Ms. Tokbaeva Ainash Abdymanovna, Chairperson of the Supreme Court.

Arbitration experts from neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as well as from China, Ukraine, Sweden and Germany shared their experience on the development of international arbitration in their respective countries. Among the attendants were officers from state agencies and business representatives.

SCC Vice Chairperson, Patricia Shaughnessy, held a presentation about the new SCC Arbitration Rules where she focused on efficiency, effectiveness and party autonomy in SCC arbitrations.

See the conference program here.

See Patricia Shaughnessy’s presentation here.

See some pictures in the slideshow below.

Gender on the International Bench

Gender on the International Bench

How to increase gender balance at international adjudication institutions? SCC will join the discussions at a conference on the theme “Gender on the International Bench” in the Hague in January 2018.

The conference is a part of the Workshop Series “Identity on the International Bench” hosted by Leiden University in collaboration with the University of Oslo. The aim is to analyse causes and effects of the lack of women judges on international benches. Among the topics are:

  • Generating incentives to appoint women on the international bench
  • Achieving gender diversity for party-appointed adjudicators
  • Explaining gender gap in international arbitration
  • Women in ISDS and their Impact on Human Rights Analysis
  • Gender on the Agenda: Perspectives from African Women Judges

The speakers represent women who have served or are serving on prominent international benches, among others Rosemary Barkett, judge for US-Iran Claims Tribunal, Valerie Hughes, former Director of the WTO Appellate Body Secretariat, Fatumata Dembélé Diarra, former Judge at the International Criminal Court. Meanwhile, SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson will be sharing SCC experiences on bridging the gender gap from arbitral institution’s perspectives. 

The SCC is involved in various initiatives aiming to increase gender balance in the field of international arbitration. One example is the Swedish Women in Arbitration Network (SWAN), a network for women with an interest in arbitration. Another is the signing of The Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge, a call for the international arbitration community to commit to increase, on an equal opportunity basis, the number of women appointed as arbitrators.

See the conference program here.

Read more about SWAN here.

Read more about the pledge here.

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