New frontiers at the ICCA Congress 2018

New frontiers at the ICCA Congress 2018

Evolution and adaptation in international arbitration was the overall theme of the just finished ICCA Congress 2018 in Sydney. On the final morning of the congress, SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson took part in the plenary session: New frontiers: Potential of Arbitration Involving New Types of Claims.

In the picture, from left to right: Ana Stanič, Annette Magnusson, Massimo Benedettelli, Wendy Miles and Stacie Strong.

This plenary aimed to explore potential new types of claims that may lie ahead in international arbitration, and how arbitration in the future might become a forum for resolving disputes under new international and national laws, and new international policy. Emerging norms on corruption, human rights, health and safety, and environmental and climate change commitments, will also likely have an impact on international arbitration practice.

ICCA Sydney 2018 Program

SCC in Shanghai

SCC in Shanghai

SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell Wilson will speak at a conference in Shanghai on 5 May. The event will focus on how international arbitration affects arbitration in China.

The SCC is co-sponsor of the event together with Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL), and China Academy of Arbitration Law (CAAL).

The speakers will be representatives from institutions, courts, and academia, as well as legal counsels and barristers. The sessions will revolve around the following themes:

  • Med-Arb and Beyond
  • Chinese Mode of Hearing
  • SCC Arbitration & China Arbitration
  • Foreseeable Future of Chinese Arbitration.

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New head of business development at the SCC

New head of business development at the SCC

Lise Alm joins SCC as the new head of business development. Previously, Lise has had heavy roles on, among others, Volumental and Spotify.

- It feels incredibly inspiring to come to such an attractive institution as the Arbitration Institute and contribute to their important mission. Working for reduced friction in international trade and increased peaceful international conflict resolution, feels extraordinary in these times, says Lise Alm.

Annette Magnusson, Secretary General SCC, believes that the newly established role means that the Arbitration Institute takes a new step in its development.

- As head of business development, Lise will lead the Arbitration Institute's work to further strengthen Swedish arbitration in an increasingly competitive global market. Her background in innovation, fast-growing companies and the law fits very well with the demands now put on all actors in international dispute resolution, says Annette Magnusson.

Lise Alm most recently held different roles such as VP Business and VP Operations and Sales at the 3D scanning company Volumental. Between 2009 and 2015, Lise Alm worked at Spotify to build the corporate department, and before that she worked for two years with M&A at Vinge.

"Given that I worked both as a lawyer and business developer, I think I can contribute a relevant breadth to the role. I've also spent the last eight years in fast-growing tech start-ups where change is the only constant along with the questions "there must be a better way to do this?" And "how is the world going to look tomorrow?". It has made it very natural for me to always look for improvement opportunities in all areas.

- The Arbitration Institute is incredibly successful and has a 100 years old history. It will be exciting to be a part of leading the work to make it even better in these changing times, "says Lise Alm.

Lise will take office on April 23rd.

CV and educational background for Lise Alm can be found here.

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