The SCC Rules Tour to China

The SCC Rules Tour to China

On 9 March the SCC will hold a seminar in Shanghai on making arbitration more user-friendly, together with China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) and Mannheimer Swartling.

The SCC will present the new SCC rules and how the revisions in the rules aims at increasing the efficiency and expeditiousness of SCC arbitrations. The new SCC Rules entered in to force 1 January 2017. Vice Chair of the Board of the SCC, Jakob Ragnwaldh, will be in the panel on Meeting users’ expectations for a fast and efficient procedure.

Read more about the new rules here

CIETAC’s current Arbitration Rules has been in to force since 1 January 2015. Case Manager CIETAC, Lu Yahan, will also sit on the panel and share experiences of administering cases under its new rules.

The seminar will round of with the China premiere of The Quiet Triumph – How arbitration changed the world. The documentary film tells the story of international arbitration, including events in China and Sweden in the foreground.

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New report on investment arbitration

New report on investment arbitration

The new report prepared by legal counsel Celeste E. Salinas Quero describes, among others, the economic sectors involved, the states’ measures most frequently challenged by investors, the outcomes and costs of investment disputes under the SCC Rules.

SCC is a preferred venue for investment arbitrations. Over the past 20 years, the SCC has administered and acted as appointing authority in more than 90 investment arbitrations, both in small-sized and in large-scale disputes. 

The report shows that most awards have been rendered in favor of respondent states, with 21% of tribunals declining jurisdiction, 37% denying all of the investor’s claims and 42% of tribunals upholding the investor’s claims in part or in full. As regards costs, the report reveals that while “splitting the baby” is a common approach taken by tribunals, most tribunals allocate and apportion the costs between the parties in a proportion that reflects each party’s relative success and conduct throughout the proceedings.

Read the full article below.

Article: Investor-state disputes at the SCC - by Celeste E. Salinas Quero

SCC climate initiative on Kluwer Arbitration Blog

SCC climate initiative on Kluwer Arbitration Blog

In a just published blogpost at the Kluwer Arbitration Blog, SCC Legal Counsel Anja Håvedal-Ipp introduces the Stockholm Treaty Lab – how international law can promote green investment.

The SCC has kicked off 2017 with the launch of the Stockholm Treaty Lab – an innovation contest where the grand prize will be awarded to the contestant team that drafts the model treaty with the greatest potential to increase investments in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Read more in the blog post here

See the Treaty Lab film here


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