Stockholm: Bridging the Climate Change Policy Gap - The Role of International Law and Arbitration

In Stockholm 21 November: A joint conference organized by the SCC, IBA, ICC and PCA. The Paris Agreement represented a major success in global climate change negotiations. For the first time, the world reached a consensus to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to curb global warming.

So where do we go from here?

The Paris Agreement recognizes that meeting the climate change mitigation goals, and achieving the necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, will require investments of staggering magnitude. The Agreement also recognizes the importance of private sector actors in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and encourages governments to incentivize such actors. And the private sector stand ready to contribute.

But the Paris Agreement lacks clear and direct provisions on how to generate and support the needed investments. And, importantly, it does not include an enforcement mechanism.

There appears to be a policy gap.

Do we need additional legal instruments to bridge this policy gap, and to fulfil the promise of Paris? Can international law be used to fill the gap, and to generate and support green investments? And could international arbitration be used to safeguard such investments and enforce global climate change mitigation goals?

These are the main questions to be discussed at this one-day event. Speakers represent governments, green technology industry, academics and legal experts, and include



Please register online here (The registration is open until 14 November 2016)

Contact person for the conference: Andrina Sukma